The Pissed-Off Journal


Get Angry! Be In A Funk! Let It Rip and Let Go!



Do you inwardly rebel at critical commands to “Suck it up” or “Get over it”? Yes!

What a relief to know you don’t need to force yourself into thinking positively when you’re really not!

How cool to have FULL permission to spew your annoyance, upset – or downright fury – over the c-r-a-p of daily life in safety.

For sure, you long to free up from attitudes that hold back attainment of your Highest Self.

Yet, you accept it’s only human to experience a range of emotions in the face of sometimes annoying people and situations. What to do?

How terrific that Three Easy Steps can serve as a proven venting tool to privately express your irritation while letting go to attain your Best Life:


Unless you’re an Enlightened Master, The Pissed-Off Journal is for you!