The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership


Inspiring Leaders to Inspire Results!



How many of you are truly fulfilled at work? Do you produce passionately rather than passively?

In our experience, only a fraction of workers around the world achieve their full potential. Many pine for transformational leadership that opens doors to people unleashing their skills – becoming creative problem solvers filled with zest for work and life.

The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership debunks the myth that corporations owe nothing more to their employees than a paycheck.

This stale mentality no longer cuts it – if indeed it ever did. And certainly not in an era where Tsunami-sized waves crest at every industry’s “shore”! Are you already feeling the effects of radically-altering expectations coupled with shifting demographics? You know – those unstoppable forces that make it almost impossible to attract, retain and engage the next generation? It’s likely. And things are about to get worse…

Unless you choose to be a gutsy visionary leader!

Whether emerging or established, draw from our combined 55 years’ experience in creating high-performance workplaces with proven ideas that accomplish bottom-line results.

Productivity and profit will be your reward. A spirited workplace and prosperity are not mutually exclusive; one flows directly from the other.

It’s a wonder to us that all business leaders are not inspired to ignite their employees’ passion.

Join others who have made this practical guide their irresistible blueprint to success!

“Having been a leader in business for most of my life, it is a rare treat to find innovative and inspiring messages that really work.  Everyone who aspires to lead others well must read this book…”

Robert Clark, CEO, Meritum Corporation

“Mark Twain said great people make others feel that they too possess the ability to become great.  This book offers leaders practical advice based on sound theory that will help them unleash their inner greatness.”

Kellie Garrett, VP, Strategy, Knowledge & Communication, Farm Credit Canada

“Having had the privilege of working in a mutually shared workplace with both these authors, I can only say to them, ‘what took you so long?’ These are simple truths, long overdue to be heard about leadership. Barely finished the first chapter, I am already planning weekly exercises to introduce to my team and colleagues at work, as well as my college students.”

Sheila Whaley, CHRP, Vice President, Human Resources

“As a business leader and therapist-coach, I find this book highly accessible and pragmatic. This artful work both challenges the mind and nurtures the soul.”

Heather Sperdakos, Ed.D., Transformational Learning Consultant

“This book is a wonderful example of how to combine the head, heart and spirit in the journey towards the kind of transformation the workplace so desperately needs but does not yet know how to ask for.”

Vice President Client Services, Right Management Consultants

“I highly recommend The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership. Carol-Ann Hamilton is one of our most insightful observers of corporate organization and operations in North America today. She has experienced corporate life from the inside as an organizational development consultant and facilitator. Her goal is to empower each person to accomplish their own intentions and goals in all areas of their life. Having benefitted from her wisdom for almost a decade, I know that Carol-Ann can make a difference in your life as well.”

Karl Bren, President, GreenVisions Consulting