Step Out of Your Sandbox


Leave Your Secure Cocoon and Find Your True Passion!



Did you know you have – and need – a sandbox?

What’s a sandbox? It’s your comfort zone.

So, why and when should you step out of yours?

Carol-Ann Hamilton answers these and many more questions about how to get unstuck and create the Life of Your Dreams.

Six steps are all it takes to smash barriers so you finally break free of self-limiting beliefs:

  1. Embracing Aloneness
  2. Loving ‘Quirky’
  3. Reaching Crossroads
  4. Surmounting Obstacles
  5. Building Bridges
  6. Living Zestfully

Could you get excited about no longer being chained to your sandbox and instead living with passion each day? You can!

As a Formula for Success:

Love Yourself + Blast Past Obstacles = Living Passionately

Love Yourself encompasses embracing aloneness and honouring yourself – quirks and all. Daily renewal through alone time anchors your individuality. How great would it be to embrace your uniqueness? Live out loud!

Blast Past Obstacles starts with openness to seeing new possibilities as you realize your sandbox has become a self-created jail. Demons like doubt and fear will rear their ugly heads. You have the power to dismantle them. Don’t die with the music still inside!

Living Passionately is the result of leaving behind your old security blanket. All those potholes sidestepped you’re set to attain new heights. You heal into wholeness and shout a resounding “yes” to life itself! Bring it on!

“Please don’t become like those who approach me during or after workshops to share how marginalized they’ve felt their whole lives. It breaks my heart,” Carol-Ann pleads. “This isn’t the way things ‘need’ to be. More urgently than you could ever envision, I want you to ‘get’ within your cells that you possess unlimited power to manifest all your dreams. Claim your individuality – not what anyone else says you ‘should’ be! Gain from my traumas the conviction to stand up for your self!”

Here’s what step-out-of-your-sandbox fans are saying:

“I met Carol-Ann at a major retreat in New York City four years ago, and can honestly say she’s changed my life. As someone who walks her talk, I can think of no finer role model for helping you move forward in powerful ways.” (Geoffrey Berwind – Media Coach and Storytelling Consultant)

“If you’re thinking about buying this book, buy it NOW! Second-guessing and self-doubt are exactly what’s holding you back. Carol-Ann’s latest can be your greatest, for stepping into the life you deserve today!” (Martin Wales – Best Selling Author, Radio & TV Host, and Founder of