Coping with Un-cope-able Parents: LOVING ACTION for Eldercare


Forget tired truisms offered by self-nominated sages! Are you kidding? You need fresh thinking—not pat answers!



Do you:

  • Meet unquantifiable resistance in merely hinting it’s time your headstrong parents leave their decades-old residence?
  • Battle belligerently at daring to suggest household caregivers to your defiant folks, given their progressive inability to perform basic daily tasks?
  • Serve up your total human capacity to your unappreciative relatives without coming close to filling their bottomless pit?

Forget tired truisms offered by self-nominated sages! Are you kidding? You need fresh thinking – not pat answers!

Enter resident expert Carol-Ann Hamilton. Her unique term – “un-cope-able” – perfectly describes her own intractable duo. Through painful personal experience across decades, Carol-Ann has discovered and tested 12 innovative Keys to Coping. Eureka! Success!

  • Engage with the Impossible Parents Questionnaire and overcome 10 hair-yanking eldercare challenges
  • Apply 6 LOVING attitudes and stay centered during crazy-making exchanges
  • Gain 6 down-to-earth ACTION strategies that guarantee your targeted efforts will achieve headway
  • Be inspired by others’ illuminating stories, knowing you’re not alone anymore

Benefit from Carol-Ann’s hard-won lessons. Share her poignant yet hilarious journey.

“I love what you do. There’s lots of great information here. An interesting, valuable and important book.”

Jack Canfield, Co-Author, of the New York Times Bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

Get the support you need – NOW. Say goodbye to feeling victimized and over-burdened. Say hello to relief and hope in Coping with your Un-cope-able Parents!